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Standard equipment

Standard equipment on ModulMounter STANDARD
Our ModulMounters can at any time as option be extended meter wise with or without LED light.
Standard is a 5mm cutting foil on tabletop, toolshelf on one side, and a big undershelf easy to access for storing foil rolls (without wooden shelf)
There are double steelrolls at one table end for foil rolls, preventing to put at bar through the rolls, even wider rolls than table width can be used.
All our ModulMounters can be totally disassembled to make it possible to enter even difficult access areas.
All ModulMounters can always laminate the full table length, "No dead ends" f. ex. can a 3m ModulMounter laminate a standard plate of 305cm length.
All ModulMounters work electric, no compressor, no noise, and no back pain because you can laminate along the table side.
All ModulMounters have our "Smart Bar", no need for a bar through the application roll.
ModulMounters have wheels that can be locked and raised up to 10cm.
To our flatbed-laminator STANDARD can at any time be bought light in drawers of 1 meter with LED light.

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