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BOSS Swing175cm

ModulMounter  BOSS - Swing - 175cm
Table length
306 cm
Laminating Length
305 cm
Table width
Laminating width
Table height
85- til 125cm
SWING video - click on the picture
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Standard equipment on ModulMounter SWING
Only ModulMounter is build with heavy inner grid aluminum profiles that exceed any welded system in strength and stability.
There are double steelrolls at one table end for foil rolls, preventing to put at bar through the rolls, even wider rolls than table width can be used.
All ModulMounters can always laminate the full table length, "No dead ends" f. ex. can a 3m ModulMounter laminate a standard plate of 305cm length.
All ModulMounters work electric, no compressor, no noise, and no back pain because you can laminate along the table side.
All ModulMounters have our "Smart Bar", no need for a bar through the application roll.
EXTRA accessories for SWING model
An extra set of steel double rolls can at any time be mounted with a 20cm table extension.
An application roll holder can be mounted at table end for storing up to 3 application rolls with roll centering.
The roller wagon can with our 20cm table extension be parked outside the table to make it possible for the operator to use the whole table surface as a working area.
Our unique "TopClean" cleaning system that 100% removes all dust and dirt and can be mounted on all ModulMounter laminators. See video below.
Antistatic 3 blower for hanging over the table removes all static electricity f.ex. when backside foil is pulled off plates.
We have in 2015 invented our unique semiautomatic "TopClean" system, that 100% removes all dirt and dust when laminating. See video.
As the only one we can offer a system based on a 260cm KEEN CUT cutting machine mounted on a roller wagon.
Rullebord til ModulMounter
The KEEN CUT cutting machine can in seconds be connected to the table side of any ModulMounter.
KeenCut på ModulMounter
Up to 260cm long foil- and Dibond plates can now be cut at a 90 degree angle.
90 grader
See how to laminate

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