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Extra accesories

EXTRA accessories for all ModulMounters
An extra set of steel double rolls can at any time be mounted with a 20cm table extension.
An application roll holder can be mounted at table end for storing up to 3 application rolls with roll centering.
A 260cm Keen Cut cutting machine on a roller wagon can in seconds be mounted at table side for cutting foil- and Dibond plates in a 90 degree angle.
The roller wagon can with our 20cm table extension be parked outside the table to make it possible for the operator to use the whole table surface as a working area.
Our unique "TopClean" cleaning system that 100% removes all dust and dirt and can be mounted on all ModulMounter laminators. See video below.
Antistatic 3 blower for hanging over the table removes all static electricity f.ex. when backside foil is pulled off plates.

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